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What is the Bioactive Nutrition from Nature?

In the search for dependable sources of bio-active nutrients Aquaculture scientists identified high levels of natural vitamins, chondroitin sulfates, ionized collagens and Omega 3 marine lipids in the soft tissues of selected green lipped mussels in New Zealand. This discovery in the late 60’s stimulated the mussel aquaculture in the isolated, pristine tidal waters of New Zealand.

In the ancient natural health practices around the world, certain plants and animals have been found to contain bioactive health-giving nutrients. Folklore identifies many foods which are known for their health-giving factors: sea cucumbers, shark fin, oysters from the sea, tripe, snake, animal horns, oatmeal, ginseng, and aloe plants. Many are reputed aphrodisiacs which are a have tissue-building properties, accompanied by cheerfulness, and a feeling of well-being.  All share one key attribute: they contain what could be considered essential complex carbohydrates – mucopolysaccharides (MPS), proteoglycans and collagens.

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Sanford Ltd operates the ENZAQ Mussel processing site.

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